We are family!

A flock of chicken may seem just a group of birds roaming around randomly.  When you observe them for hours, days, months and years, you discover that there is a complicated social structure in the chicken community.  There are also family bonds and other life-long relationships. Hertta and Japp were the king and the queen … More We are family!

Winter of extremes

The year 2019 started really cold and continues really snowy here in Finnish Lapland. It just keeps snowing, day after day, week after week. There are no fences left in our world. Or if there are, you can just ski over them. Snow fall is most challenging when it comes with a lot of wind. … More Winter of extremes

Midwinter magic?

It is the coldest of Lapland´s eight seasons, the “frosty winter”. Just few weeks have gone since the winter solstice. Days are still short. Temperature outside is around – 30 Celcius degrees while we are writing this. Yes, to be honest, the coldest days of the winter are rather challenging, just trying to survive the … More Midwinter magic?