The ladies and the gentlemen

Life in the country would not be perfect without the ladies and the gentlemen. We have the cream of the society here, they are beautiful/handsome, they are stylish, they are clever and they’ve got character. They live in a  historical building and walk the grounds proudly. On a sunny Sunday afternoon there is enough VIPs to arrange our own Nobel Gala. (Watch out Stockholm, Tonio Valley will challenge you!)


Let´s start from the royal couple….. someone has got to host the Nobel Gala. 


Finnish arts are represented. Young ladies Halonen and Särestöniemi are scracthing for bugs. Their sisters Cezanne, Monet and Dali are avoiding the camera.


Sartre and Voltaire are resting indoors. 


These handsome creatures are Hemingway, Orwell and DaVinci. Hemingway and Orwell have grown up together with their sisters Shakespeare and Dickens. DaVinci is a bit younger, but has recently joined the other single gentlemen. (Shared interests.) 


 Darwin is not joining any gala dinner right now, She is busy bringing up the next generation. These adorable babies are two days old.


Meanwhile the older generation is entering their well earned retirement. Plato – always searching for the essential- used to dig the garbage bins before you got them to the compost. Now a dust bath is the best she knows. Voltaire still loves to give a speech, but does no speak from dawn to sunset any longer.  Pythagoras is still busy, figuring out what is going on in this world (and at least the wagtail and a fly catcher families bring news from the big world.) Comfortable perch, grass to scratch, soil to bath in… does this qualify as a reasonable retirement package?

Besides having really posh company, what is in it for us?


Eggs.(This is the record collection of all times.)

They are wonderful, they are intelligent, they are social – and so entertaining. These  feathery friends of us give us wonderful eggs. Grazing free and eating greens results as so yellow yolk  almost orange. The taste is great. And we know, the hens laying the eggs are having a nice time weeding the garden of everything.

Päivi and Anthony,

in Teeriniemi 22nd Auguat 2016

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