Ladies and gentlemen – 1 year later and still fabulous


One year ago the first Teeriniemi article about us was published.  It was called “the ladies and the gentlemen”. It is time to update what is going on in our lives.


Recently we have been enjoying the early autumn sunshine. Just like last year, autumn has provided some great outdooring (and sandbathing) weathers.


There is a recipy for a perfect sandbath. It takes a bit of effort.  You must pull out some (or rather all) newly planted perennial plants. The soil prepared for the perennials is absolutely perfect for bathing. After a bath like this your feathers feel so good and look so classy.  This fabulous beauty product is widely available in garden centers across the country – just remind your humas to buy some: you are worth it.


For some reason there has been asparagus seedlings in the middle of the garden this summer. We have dewormed the pots a few times, but our great effort has not really been appreciated by our humans.


A year in chicken life is long enough for new generations. Last year this time Mendehlsson was just a little grey chick following his mother Darwin. Now he is a rather handsome young man. Some younger hens are getting quite interested. Due to some subtle instructions from his dad, he is also learning to be a gentleman.


Mendehlsson’s sister Ravel has already got a child of her own. Chick Topelius is approaching adulthood. Darwin was a young mother last year and now she is already a grandmother!


Topelius is very curious and is making friends with the weid fluffy long-eared hoppy guy. This guy lives in the same building with humans and some chicken claim he sleeps on a sofa.


The lady bunny is a bit more scary. She knows how to heard chicken. We have decided to ignore her, but we always fail. We cannot help ourselves, we get curious, we go and take a closer look at her and the next thing we know, she has taken us to the birdhouse door!


Something has changed though since 2016. Suddenly, there has been “kerppu” (tree branches) drying everywhere. Sokrates really got upset, when she found even our summer residence full of this stuff.


The reson for kerppu is the sheep. Strange noisy creatures, who moved here last winter. They actually eat trees, can you imagine.


Our humas say, that landscaping is the sheep job. Looks like eating to us. We chicken find this very unfare. We do lay eggs for living. To make a point, we have not told our humas where we are laying eggs at the moment. That really confuses them. We are so enjoying oursevelves watching them staring at the empty nest boxes and searching.


Where the sheep have been, the green colour is gone. Many small trees were bare already in the middle of summer. It looks like July in front of a sheep and October behind the sheep tail! On the other hand, now the wind blows nicely to the garden and to our fine feathers as the bushes have been eaten.


There will be no blueberries in this part of the forest next year. Luckily the sheep cannot get everywhere.


But we birds have open minds and open hearts. We live in harmony with our surroundings.  Some of us live in more harmony  than others. There are three cockerels who actually have rumenant lady friends. They even look after their four-legged girlfriends’ gigantic children.


But most of the time we chicken are behaving as chickenish as we can. We roam around and scractch the ground. Cockerels sing their songs. Our humans – or any of those other creatures – could not keep up with us, if we were practising our chickeny intelligence all the time.

In Teeriniemi 9th September 2017

Voltaire, Sartre and Plato

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