And then it snowed even more

We already told one story about our extremely snowy winter. It has just kept snowing ever since.

So, the winter has been an exceptionally warm and wet. Here up in the north it has though been just and just cold enough: all the rain has come down as snow.

It has snowed again during the night. A mountain hare has hopped across the landscape during the early morning hours, over the newest layer of fresh snow. The hare has got natural snow shoes, sinks a bit in the fresh snow, but a lot less than most others.

We already told  how our livestock guard dogs have moved to do their guarding duty on the roofs. Also today Aapo´s day starts with a good look at thee surroundings. How has been there during the night and who might be there right now.

Meanwhile the sheep have  jumped over the fence and found their way to the hay bale storage.

Jumping over the fences is hardly a problem now. You only see the top 20 cm and the snow is dense.

Another consequence of this is getting the house full of sheep when trying to call dogs in for their meal.

Guarding is an increasingly difficult duty as sinking to the snow makes it hard to go round and check places. Luckily it is easy to climb to the roofs. Aapo watches east and Lyyti watches west.

The top of the hop pole is still visible, at least.

Nobody has yet had the strength to clear the driveway in the garden. Even this part of the garden is soft and inspires playing. While people are out, doggies often feel they can take a break from their guarding duties.

Where the latest snow fall has not yet been cleared from the roof,  snow is on it´s way down. By it´s own weight.



Here and there the latest snow has already fallen down.

And it starts snowing again.

And it keeps snowing.

Towards the night the snow layer just looks more an more impossible.

The weather report tells it is going to snow even more over the coming night. All possible snow clearing tools are ready and snow shoes are waiting: to get the following day started in the even deeper snow.

Snowstorm can easily cur´t the electricity supply. Electricity line runs across our meadows and garden. Gates are ready opened for the network company service team snowmobiles. We also have filled all the water tubs, in case there is no electricity in the morning and no pumps working. We and the animals will need water. If there is a longer period without electricity, we start using the old well, manually.

Another check from the roof, before going to bed. It is not snowing right now, but the snow storm is on it´s way. We are wondering where to push the next delivery of snow – and the one after that. Usually, this time of the year, the snowy part of winter is still to come.

Once upon the time…. there were normal (cold) winters, with normal quantity of snow. The southern Finland has been without any snow all winter and we have too much to know what to do with it.

Only fools think that everything was better in the past. But the climate surely was!


Päivi & Anthony

16th February 2020, in Teeriniemi


P.S. (17th February) The morning after





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