Too many rain drops and other summer tales

Climate change strikes again. After the extremely snowy winter, snow melt here in Lapland caused quite a bit of flooding. Water in the lake hardly reached the normal level before the rainy part of the summer started.

Flood pools near the shorelines offered an excellent breeding ground for insects. Insect eating birds and their little chicks have been very well fed this year. And we have been the buffet for the mosquitoes.

Extension of the grazing area was built despite the mighty army of mosquitoes and it is in use now. Aapo has been simultaneously trying to focus to guarding sheep and sniffing the new territory.

Planting work is an important part of each summer. This year rhubarb is one of the projects.

After a hard rural work day (among the mosquitoes) sauna softens the tired muscles a bit. Aapo happily participates heating the sauna but the ready sauna is too hot for him.

Summer season is also the time for changing feathers. Some of the chicken do it gradually, looking only a bit badly combed. Some poor birds look like bolding hedgehogs, while their new feathers look like spikes and they are not wearing much else. This year feather loss made poor DaVinci totally tailless.

Midsummer has passed now, with midnight sun and nature in blossom. Season of midnight sun has turned into the season of harvest. Season of harvest has started in very rainy weather.

As usual, harvest season started with washing and drying the hay barn. Wet weather does not disturb cleaning much.

It has been a challenge to find enough dry weather for harvesting hay. Part of the hay is still trying to dry on traditional hay poles. Only a small part of hay is already safely in the barn. All birch branches are still hanging outside – a hopeless attempt to dry them. We hope that our external hay supplier has been more successful than we are. A big part of out harvest won´t be good quality or won´t survive any longer storage period.

In the greenhouse, climate is excellent and harvest progresses fine.

In the forests and bogs, nature´s own harvest is slowly maturing. Weather was dry enough over the flowering. Berry harvest is becoming rather good.

Grazing season continues. Sheep and their guards roam around the new forest pasture. Lyyti and Ramses are good friends and they often hang out together. Ramses´brother Othello has joined them. Further back, Miss Maple selects the best greens from the forest floor. Her latest favorite foods are Sphagnum and other sort of mosses. Interesting choice even for a sheep.

In late July, we have no longer midnight sun, there is the midnight twilight instead. Alma takes a late night walk around the garden, while her fried Tupuna is outdooring nearer the stable.

Lapland days are still long in July and sun raises soon after midnight. Mysterious mist stays above the lake. Another rainstorm is on it’s way.

in Teeriniemi,

23rd July 2020 (rainy night)

Päivi & Anthony

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