Half a month to the summer

Everyone if Finland knows this saying:

“Kuu kiurusta kesään, puolikuuta peipposesta, västäräkistä vähäsen, pääskysestä ei päivääkään!”

It translates approximately this way:

“One month to the summer from the arrival of Skylark, half a month from the arrival of Chaffinch,

almost there when the Wagtail appears, when the Swallow is here – the summer is here.”

Bullfinch – Pyrrhula pyrrhulapunatulkku

Some of our feathery friends stay near us round the year. During the winter months bullfinches, great tits, willow tits, blue tits and woodpecker are daily visitors at out bird table, Many of these stay also nesting nearby. Later in the summer they appear investigating the garden again – with a new generation of birds.

Siberian Jay – Perisoreus infaustus – kuukkeli

Over the winter months, also the residents of the deep Lapland forests come for visits. People of Lapland have always found Siberian Jay charming. Lumberjacks of the past used to know this curious bird as a sign of good forestry camp. There must be plenty of food if Siberian Jay is present: people have been feeding the birds.

Arctic Redpoll – Acanthis hornemanni – tundraurpiainen

One of the first signs of spring is the arrival of redpolls. Redpolls don´t necessarily move very far for the winter and they return here in March or April. This year they appeared on the 6th of April, a mixed group or Redpolls and Arctic Redpolls. Suddenly garden is full of tiny lively birds, checking out the menu in our little garden restaurant for birds.

The peak of the migration 2021 is taking place in middle of snowstorms. Snow has covered again all the snow-free spots in the forests and our bird table is busy.

Common chaffinch – Fringilla coelebs – peippo

Another great event is the arrival of the Common Chaffinch. First few males appear to the bird table. The first one appeared already in the end of March this year. Later a whole flock of males appear, to be soon followed by the females. At this point of the time, nature is filled by bird song. This great annual music festival is ongoing: the large flocks arrived yesterday (on 24th of April).

….”half a month from the arrival of Chaffinch” – concerning the old saying, summer should start before mid-May! (Seriously?)

Brambling – Fringilla montifringilla – järripeippo

The next arrivals are probably the Bramblings. Also they arrive gradually. We have already seen the first individuals investigating the situation – and perhaps we soon see the great flock. Some buzzing and slurping noises will be added to the great mix of songs.

Blackbird – Turdus merula – mustarastas

Even the Blackbird is already here, puzzled by the spring weather. We hope we soon hear her mate singing to her some serenades.

We have already heard the Swans – and today, two of them flew over our garden. They have returned once again – just like a great Finnish poet begged them to do in his poem about Lapland summer, a long long time ago.

Woodcock – Scolopax rusticola – lehtokurppa

Today we also met another beloved summer resident: the Woodcock landed to the edge of our garden. Quack-quack-squeak is here!

in Teeriniemi, 25th Aptil 2021

Anthony & Päivi

(waiting for the rest of the birds)

#100 lintulajia #kevätmuutto2021

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