We are family!

A flock of chicken may seem just a group of birds roaming around randomly.  When you observe them for hours, days, months and years, you discover that there is a complicated social structure in the chicken community.  There are also family bonds and other life-long relationships. Hertta and Japp were the king and the queen … More We are family!

Ladies and gentlemen – 1 year later and still fabulous

One year ago the first Teeriniemi article about us was published.  It was called “the ladies and the gentlemen”. It is time to update what is going on in our lives. Recently we have been enjoying the early autumn sunshine. Just like last year, autumn has provided some great outdooring (and sandbathing) weathers. There is … More Ladies and gentlemen – 1 year later and still fabulous

Extreme dating

Our differences should not prevent friendship (or love). Recently, we have been happy to witness a sequence of events, where two strangers meet – and despite their very very big differences, they learn to like each other. They speak different languages, they are different in size – they are different species. But by looking and … More Extreme dating

From under the wing to the outside world

 Darwin and her lovely one-day-old chicks. Darwins chicks hatched all the same August day. Darwin seemed really happy and proud, but quite stiff – what else would you expect after sitting on eggs for three weeks. Already the second day she took her family out from the nest in the chickens’ summer house, to the “safe penn”  and started teaching the next … More From under the wing to the outside world