Winter of extremes

The year 2019 started really cold and continues really snowy here in Finnish Lapland. It just keeps snowing, day after day, week after week. There are no fences left in our world. Or if there are, you can just ski over them. Snow fall is most challenging when it comes with a lot of wind. … More Winter of extremes

Midwinter magic?

It is the coldest of Lapland´s eight seasons, the “frosty winter”. Just few weeks have gone since the winter solstice. Days are still short. Temperature outside is around – 30 Celcius degrees while we are writing this. Yes, to be honest, the coldest days of the winter are rather challenging, just trying to survive the … More Midwinter magic?

Just like summers used to be – before they invented holidays!

 It was another busy summer! We were simply too busy to write about it. But at least we took some pictures. One of the first duties of the season was rearranging the growing place for young asparagus plants.  There always must be new trials, some for each season. This mysterious group of seedlings is one … More Just like summers used to be – before they invented holidays!

The seventh season

People say there are eight seasons in Lapland. The first season of the year is always the frosty winter. As the light levels increase, the coldnes is followed by the season of hard snow cover, when the snow carries you wherevere you want to go.  The third season of the year is the ice loss … More The seventh season